All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Tyler 3

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Tyler meets a man who just wants to buy him some pizza and nothing else! How weird is that? Tyler is in awe…

Book of Evil 3

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Mom was so occupied with her master she didn’t have time to redecorate her daughter’s room, but she has several ideas…

Handy Boy

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A super cute preteen boy passionately plays with the hard tool of an adult man in a 00:01:07 long video with sound…

She does What she Sees

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When she entered junior high, Becky’s mom and dad took the parental controls off her Internet. Becky has seen many new and interesting things on the Internet, especially porn. Now she tries everything she sees, not understanding the predicaments she may be putting herself in…

The Meat Market – Don Marco – Chapter 12 – How Much for that Boy in the Window

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While Patrick is in coma, events are unfolding behind closed doors. Rick is convinced that his ticket is drawn. James seems to have something on his mind, or up his sleeve. Don Marco has scores to settle and Mr. B is there to help…

Summer Fun

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Dad and son enjoy their beautiful pond with clear and gently warm water in summer, but they have a better yet secret joy…
  • Author: caramel
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Bad Boys 1

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Today is Marvin’s first day at the soccer club. After the training was over, he talked a bit with Coach Marcel and some boys, then he walked into the bathhouse to pee before going home. It will be dark soon and he must hurry, but…

Matt and Carl 2

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After a hard day’s work, Carl comes back home to take a shower together with his little cousin, Matt, waiting for him…

A Life Less Ordinary 10

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Axel ran away from home many years ago and became a boy prostitute. Now, he is back with his older brother, Rex, and he is going to help him tutor a few third graders on Saturdays. Do prostitutes make good teachers? Let’s find out…

Helping a Friend [FREE] [UPDATED]

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One of the early 3D shotacon comics by Lasto aka Drax. The update adds some bonus photos of Darrius and Meryon…
  • Author: Lasto
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