All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

The Price of Victory

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It’s Jonathan vs. Connor. It’s red vs. blue. In a boxing ring decorated with a boylovers’ logo, two naked cuties fight for a pleasing prize…

Anton Showering with Andy [FREE]

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Two horny little boys enjoy each other’s company in the showers. They love the sensation of intimacy and the heat of lovemaking…
  • Author: Shota3
  • Content: 9 Photos

Seven Years Old

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A 7-year-old cutie is fucked in the pussy. As John Fletcher says, give her cold jelly to take up her belly, and once a day swing her again…
  • Author: Kitsune
  • Content: 12 Photos

Morning Suck

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In a small bedroom with a teddy bear present and kids clothes thrown on the floor, a horny boy sucks a man while another little cutie facefucks him in a 00:02:21 long video in 1440×900 resolution with music and moaning sounds…

The Mentor 3

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Hoping to get his mind off Tod and Braden, Mike strolls down to his favorite gay bar downtown. It’s quiet without all the gay culture of the other bars. There he quickly falls in lust with a very young looking twink named Daniel. Knowing twinks are nothing but vain egoists, Mike tries to ignore him but the teen seems to be hitting on him so he asks him home, learning that this will be the lad’s first time getting fucked; or at least that’s what he says…

Niko’s Nights 1 – Niko Wears Some Goo

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High on a hill in the town of Gnit sat a quiet little house whose attic was lit. Inside lay two boys (Niko and Sam) erections well hid…
  • Author: SunnyD
  • Content: 26 Photos

Fire Torture

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What would you do to a cute young trespasser? Would you lead him to the basement and lock all the doors? Maybe you’d have some fun with him. How about fucking the teen boy in the ass as hard as you can while his penis is burning? It definitely sounds good…
  • Author: Ollimg
  • Content: 15 Photos

Cutie Girls – Fiona

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Fiona is a little girl with dark hair and beautiful eyes. She loves to have fun and her mother is good at teaching her how to enjoy sex…
  • Author: DoA666
  • Content: 30 Photos

The Sprout of Happiness 1

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Two bisexual chicks, Alison and Stephanie, meet a very rich oil tycoon at a party who offers them a deal that will change their lives…

Billy’s Whore Bar

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Billy has started his new business in an old basement. He’s got every man desires. Give him the greens and get some tender meat…