All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Sea Monster

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Five young preteen boys on a boat trip end up as food for a tentacled sea creature. The tentacles go in one hole and come out of another. The boys are spit-roasted and eaten like small candies. It’s so sad that these cuties were never seen or heard of again…
  • Author: Dod3D
  • Content: 33 Photos

Pixie Issue 1 [FREE]

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The first issue of Pixie features 10-year-old Suki, 12-year-old Hina, 10-year-old Willa, and Japanese teenage baseball prodigy, Hikaru…

Dirty Stories of the Maids

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We have a mischievous boy here who doesn’t eat soup. He craves for ice-cream, but the two maids present, won’t let him have any…
  • Author: Rodina
  • Content: 17 Photos

Magic Hands

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Watch this gorgeous preteen boy doing magic with his little hands in a 00:03:55 long 1440×900 video with music and sound…

Sherry and her Favorite Monster

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Her room is her personal stage where she can embrace her fantasies. In the depths of her imagination, the boundaries between reality and fantasy dissolved, and a naked muscular monster appeared right in front of her. Intrigued and apprehensive, Sherry hesitated, yet an unspoken magnetism drew her closer to the enigmatic monster. It extended a graceful limb, its touch both gentle and electric, as they connected in a realm beyond words. The room pulsed with an invisible current, as if the very air crackled with anticipation. The bunny girl surrendered to the creature’s primal allure, embracing the intensity of their connection as she succumbed to the enchantment of the moment. Within the confines of her room, the boundaries of pleasure shattered as the bunny girl and the monster indulged in the intoxicating ecstasy of their desires…

Handy Candy

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Rick works in a theater. He isn’t an actor. He works in the background. He takes care of a wide variety of different things. Today, one of the actresses is in trouble. She doesn’t have a babysitter…

Marta and Mia

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Two girls enjoy each other’s bodies in a 00:03:26 long 1080p video with sound. It’s passion at its utmost extent mixed with emotions…
  • Author: JDBoi
  • Content: 1 Video

Lost in Maze

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Our tale commences with a young girl. A curious soul with an insatiable thirst for adventure. As fate would have it, she stumbled upon a mysterious maze hidden deep within the enchanted forest. Overwhelmed by a mix of trepidation and excitement, she hesitantly stepped inside, only to be greeted by two unexpected companions: the naked dwarves…

Janet 1

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Children’s drawings serve as a captivating window into their young minds, revealing a profound connection between their inner thoughts and the lines they put on paper. Through their art, children often express emotions, experiences, and perceptions that may be challenging to articulate verbally. Exploring and appreciating their artwork can foster communication, encourage exploration, and deepen our understanding of the rich inner lives of children…

The Sissy Boy 1

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It’s easy to spot a gay boy checking out other boys when they’re changing clothes. Pete is very lucky today to spot a cute one…