All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

The Red Thread

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Two super cute girls seduce a teen boy to have sex with them. Their thirst for the teenager’s big prick is unbelievably insatiable…

Chip 1 – A Day in the Life of a HouseBoy [UPDATED]

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A day in the life of Chip, an eleven-year-old slave boy (referred to as a houseboy). From the moment he wakes up and until he falls asleep, Chip is expected to take care of all of his Master’s needs. From cleaning the house, doing chores and cooking for his Master to being always ready and eager to serve his man sexually whenever and however Master likes it. All the while, he has to follow a strict set of rules that govern everything in his life, from general behavior and all the way down to his basic human needs…

Turning F into A

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How can a student change his grade from an F to an A? Mr. Bates can solve the problem, but it might involve some pain in the ass…

Cutie Girls – Carla

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Carla lives with her dad. Ever since his wife has left them, Carla plays her role. When dad gets home they get naked and cuddle in bed…
  • Author: DoA666
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Pixie Issue 11 [FREE]

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10-year-old Sora has been sent to 12-year-old Hina to help her overcome her shyness. Little Sora is a little embarrassed to share her gaping butthole to the world, but Hina is a really good teacher; She uses professional techniques on her bashful student…


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Beautiful Isi needs an immediate orgasm to continue posing. The bald man behind the camera has to do what she demands or else…

Courtesan’s Club

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Johnny can’t believe his eyes when he enters a special secret club at the school. There are nude pictures on the wall depicting homosexual activities between children and adults; and all the servants are completely naked! It’s unbelievable…
  • Author: alnon
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Babysitting with my Uncle

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An old creepy uncle drugs his nephew and molests him in his sleep. The boy ends up handgagged with a big cock in his butthole…
  • Author: Ollimg
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Pet Hospital

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Today, Mika is a patient for Matt and Richie to examine. They go through a full physical examination to make sure he is a good doggy…
  • Author: Lankun
  • Content: 24 Photos

One Evening in Tokyo

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It’s late in the evening. Two preteen boys are watching Spiderman on TV while eating pizza. When one of them falls asleep, the other boy curiously slips his hand inside his underwear and starts playing with his hairless circumcised penis…