All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

The Sissy Boy 7

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Pete meets Cassandra at the school’s gymnasium, and he can’t stop thinking about her. Cute Matty offers him a temporary solution…

Boku no Pico

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Alain and Justin grow hornier and hornier by the minute. It starts with masturbation and continues with some hardcore anal sex…

Korin and Derek

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Korin, the newest SSA (Shota Slave Association) member, having some fun with Derek, while they model for a new magazine…
  • Author: Lankun
  • Content: 11 Photos

Teaching Sammy 1

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A young student privately asks his teacher to have sex with him in a 00:05:54 long 1080p video with sound and speech bubbles…
  • Author: JDBoi
  • Content: 1 Video

Jason Sucks Jake in the Bathroom

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The title of this 3D shotacon is quite self-explanatory. Jason sucks Jake in the bathroom. This pack also contains a few bonus pictures…
  • Author: Shota3
  • Content: 7 Photos

Southern Comfort 4

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Blade gets a pair of new marks on his butt cheeks while Viola is out with her father. Blade is in pain and anger while Viola is cheerful…

Just Turned Ten

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Daisy was in her summer vacation. She had just passed fourth grade and she was facing a long summer. All the friends had left the town and there was nothing to do. She was bored so she just spent her time walking around. One day she happened to pass the neighbor Paul’s backyard window and she was very surprised about what she saw…

The Making of a Slut 1

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A mother sells her daughter for an hour. The price is $5000 and she will be there to teach the amateur girl how to be a proper whore…
  • Author: Rurikon
  • Content: 13 Photos

Young Widow

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A futa surprises a loli with a super big cock in a cyberpunk-themed room. The thing is lolis love giant pricks, even in sci-fi worlds…

Mr. D 13

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Mr. D takes the boys to his lake cabin during their camping trip. This vacation is a triumph of love, bonding, beauty, and charm…