All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

The Hot Bite

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Paul wants to suck his brother’s penis, but John likes to jerk off by himself right now. How do they sort this small problem out? You’ll be quite amazed by what happens next. German version is also included along with the English version…

Always Best Friends

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It’s just an ordinary Saturday afternoon. Twelve-year-old Timmy is playing his guitar at home. His classmate and best friend, Gary, comes to see him. He seems a little out of sorts. Looks like he needs a friend right now. A kind and comforting friend…
  • Author: caramel
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Aster and Markus on the Beach

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A handsome teen boy and a cute preteen girl find each other on the beach. None of them can resist the sexual temptation…

My Running Friend

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A cute boy in his early teens seduces his jogging buddy to let him suck his cock. Certainly, they can run better afterwards…
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Niece Sleepover 2

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After a mouthful of milk, it’s time for bed. His niece is sleepy, but he’s still horny. Having her alone on the bed isn’t something that could happen everyday. He can’t let such an opportunity slip…

Martina Picnic Outdoor Hard Anal

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It’s a warm sunny day perfect for a picnic outdoors. Today, little Martina enjoys the warmth of sun and the cool of her tears…
  • Author: Barosu
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Tyler 10

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Tyler finally decides to thank the man who helped him in the past days and just saved him from that asshole in the dark alley. No wonder, he has his unique and sexy way of thanking people…

Hard Jury [FREE]

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A preteen girl performs her best moves in front of the judges, but they are not convinced. They demand something harder…

Matt and Carl 9

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Nathan and Matt can finally start their sleepover but first, after a long day at the pool, they need to take a nice shower…

Little Rose on the Heavenly Lake

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A hot girl on a hot summer day. Little Rose experiences an unforgettable sex with an androgyne on the Heavenly Lake…