All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Hot Tub Party

licking body, handjob, threesome, anal sex, teabagging, rimming, consensual, fingering, kissing lips

A group of cute boys throw a gay party for themselves by a hot tub. They really know how to give pleasure to each other…

Matt and Carl 3

teaching how to masturbate, uncut penis, kiss on the lips, man and boy on bed, cousins, bonding

As promised, after the dinner, Carl stays in Matt’s bed with him, but he doesn’t know that Matt has some questions ready for him. Matt is very curious and has a great desire to learn more and explore his sexuality further…

Matthew and Little Robbie Play Penalty Kicks

two cute boys playing football, navy blue shorts, public nudity, hard spanking, stiffy, screaming, 9yo

Robbie and Matthew make a bet on penalty kicks. If Robbie wins, he gets Matthew’s shorts. If Matthew wins, he spanks Robbie…
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Timmy the Tease – Introducing Cenger

blond cutie, pink sissy thong, cock ring, sucking a dog, bounded, humiliation, animal, cum, caught

People often compare Cenger to his brother Timmy, but he doesn’t give a fuck. He likes to explore sexuality on his own…

Bad Boys 2

towel, undressing, showering together, plaster cast, uncut, handjob, licking balls, sucking dick, cumshot, rimming, bald coach, dry orgasm, crying, blindfold, circumcised, gaping butthole, shooting cum in mouth, vaseline, assfuck, gay punishment, cute preteens, skater boy, jean shorts

Marvin and Coach Marcel talked a lot about sex, being gay, and other stuff on the way to the coach’s house. Marcel giving him all this attention made Marvin feel good, and he started to like the coach even more. Marcel is an experienced man and is also good at manipulating boys. Surely, he knows how to get a gay boy into his bedroom…

The Night is Young, and the Boys are Younger

watching porn, masturbating, blond, offering ass, on four, butt sniffing, kissing bottom, licking buttocks, rimming, anal penetration, consensual, passionate looks, tongue kiss, cumshot, freckles

This is the story of a boy who got caught jerking off to some loud porn video on his laptop. He never regrets it though…

The Happiest Days 10

police officer, briefs, freckles, two boys together in bathtub, court, naked preteens, swimming pool

JJ is in a jail cell only in his undies and shoes. It reeks of urine and disinfectant. He wonders if he’ll ever be free again…

Nap Time

sleeping naked, girl spying on boy, dog licking balls, squirt cum on belly, teenager, gray pubic hair

Dogs are kind and intelligent animals. A dog is a great companion. It can sense your needs and fulfill them…
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Futa Medic

futanari, toddlercon, pacifier, torture, hospital, crying, facesitting, suck, milf, pee in mouth, anal, cum

Two nurses treat their little patient with toys, milk, and big cocks. The blood on the walls tells how soft they go on him…
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Hana in Joy [FREE] [UPDATED]

schoolgirl, jean shorts, stripping, displaying undies, nude girl in the park, drinking from condom, skirt

Hana is 10 years old. This is her first photoshoot. She likes sweet milky drinks! The update only adds no-text renders…