All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Chip 2

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Chip takes a nap and dreams of sucking Brett’s big hairy dick, having a mouthful of sperm, and getting fucked in the ass…

Behind the Scenes [FREE]

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Robbie is a cute boy model no photographer has ever resisted the temptation of raping behind the scenes…

Simon’s Bummer Summer

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Simon’s mom, Chloe, recently lost her job and the single mother of three wasn’t sure what she was going to do. One of the job interviews she went to turned out to be conducted by an Azure Bliss talent scout, and at first Chloe thought what he proposed was a sick joke. She left the surreal meeting with a business card that had a phone number stamped on one side and a dollar amount written on the other. There were a lot of zeroes written on that card, and Chloe only held out two days before calling the number…
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My First Love

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This high-quality 3D lolicon by Aonghus depicts two gorgeous preteen girls making love for the first time…
  • Author: Aonghus
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Marianna came across some pornography when she was flipping the channels and the adventure didn’t stop there…

A Slut for Machines

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A teen white girl in black clothes and boots takes three super huge non-human dicks in her mouth, ass, and pussy…

Timmy the Tease – Cenger Services

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Cenger services a man as a slave. His friend, Farhan, didn’t know about it, but soon he’ll be a part of the fun too…

Matt and Carl 4

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It’s the third day of summer. For Carl, it is his last day of work, and as always, Matt is at home waiting for him. This time, Matt has thought about it for a long time, and seems intent on asking Carl something he would never expect…