All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Babysitter with Benefits [FREE]

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Etsu has been learning how to use sex to get what she wants from men. Her parents set her up with a babysitting gig a few nights a week, watching the toddler son of their friends. Since she’s started, Etsu has noticed the dad, Mr. Florez, not-so-subtly undress her with his eyes, so she’s been dressing down accordingly to get his attention. Can she use this opportunity to offer him a few extra “services” in exchange for a little bonus on her babysitting wages? Let’s see if she can pull it off…

Pixie Issue 2 [FREE]

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In the 2nd issue of Pixie, 10-year-old Suki tries on some of her mom’s outfits, and 12-year-old Hina cleans uncle Benjiro in the sauna…

Zane – The Amazing Puppy Boy

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John has to babysit Zane for 6 hours. While pretending they’re dogs, they go to their den to sniff butts and say hello like doggies do…

Before Bath Fun

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Two cute girls undress and lick each other’s bums and cunnies in a 00:06:02 long 1080p video with sound and speech captions…
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Marianna and Margaret

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It all happens in a bedroom decorated with posters of metal bands. Two girls in their early teens turn on the webcam and make love…

Sexy Cheerleaders

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The athletes find two cute preteen cheerleader girls in the locker room. Not wearing panties, the girls already know what to expect…

The Sissy Boy 2

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Pete is back for another round of blowjob. He looks serious and undoubtedly horny. He wants his dick sucked in the janitor’s closet…


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A stunning 3D shotacon comic by Insomniac. Elliot’s in for a lot of peculiar surprises, when he sleeps over at his friend’s house…

My Honey Boy

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A preteen boy and a preteen girl enter the room hand-in-hand, eyes locked on each other. The air is filled with anticipation as they stand at the threshold of a new chapter in their relationship…
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