All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Afternoon Love with my Tranny Sister

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The siblings are naked and horny. They fuck each other in the ass. They whimper and groan loudly. They enjoy every moment of it…

Vacation with Daddy

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Her vacation with daddy starts with a big surprise and ends with screaming, panting, moaning, orgasm, and longing for more jizz…
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Luca – Boy at Play

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This is a silent story that follows some of Luca’s adventures on a normal day from the moment he wakes up and until he goes to bed…

Long-Awaited Miracle

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The “Sprout of Happiness” community had been looking closely at Duke’s works for a long time. he was a real professional in his field. Duke traveled a lot for work, and Kira kept a family blog. Duke loved to watch Kira and their daughter Lily having fun, and filmed it all on video. Especially Kira and Lily loved to make love in public places, in parks and cafes, in playgrounds and in fitting rooms of clothing stores. Kira and her daughter Lily never wore panties, and as soon as during a walk they had a desire for intimacy, the girls immediately indulged in passion…
  • Author: StarkerS
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The Sissy Boy 3

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Pete brings Matty to his place and lets him suck his cock. Pete fucks Matty’s cute face and ejaculates inside his inviting mouth…

Car Wash

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A 3D shotacon based on Mitsui Jun’s 2D Car Wash series. Three preteen boys wash a car naked and they’d love to go beyond duty…
  • Author: Lasto
  • Content: 15 Photos

Janitor Jackson

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Janitor Jackson enters the classroom and finds a sexy teacher tutoring a cute little girl. Nobody’s there to stop him from raping both…
  • Author: GhoulM
  • Content: 59 Photos

My Little Loli Processing Factory

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School bus driver kidnaps all the students and bring them to a facility where they will be trained and turned into packaged sex dolls…
  • Author: HT1
  • Content: 40 Photos

Down on the Corner

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A tender hooker boy with long girly hair awaits in a dark corner of the city for the horny men who need some good time at night…
  • Author: Lurker
  • Content: 16 Photos

Janet 2

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A bald man enters a little girl’s room at midnight. What’s in his mind? Even the teddy bear on the bed knows the man’s intentions…