All comics and characters are fictional. Images and videos are computer-generated or hand-drawn.

Billy’s Whore Bar

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Billy has started his new business in an old basement. He’s got every man desires. Give him the greens and get some tender meat…

Tasty Tootsies

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Tasty Tootsies is a trademark of Estleen, LCC, subsidiary of the Raventon consortium. In this 2D shotacon comic, you’ll learn how they make their products with love and care for you, dear customer! The alternative title is A Ballad of Hungry Boys and Tasty Feet…

Mercy [FREE]

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Mercedes Cartwright aka Mercy takes care of her older brother’s needs in the showers while parents are out of the house shopping…

Teaching Sammy 2

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Sammy brought a friend to the classroom for the teacher to fuck. The 1080p video is 00:06:03 long with speech bubbles and sound…


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In Medieval Scotland, Princess Merida of the celt clan DunBroch celebrates her birthday and is given a bow and arrow by her father…
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Babysitting Amanda

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Eric got a call on Friday asking him to look after his neighbor’s 10-year-old daughter. The girl is so cute Eric can’t refuse the offer…

Sharing with Friends

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Mason invites his sister’s crush, Elijah, to come over and hang with them. As Elijah arrives, he finds Mason and Emma already naked and ready to have sex! He can’t believe his eyes, but the situation suggests that Emma’s brother is pimping her out for free…
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Look Daddy, my Pussy is so Wet!

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Here is an extended version of My Vacation with Daddy in a higher quality. The video is 00:12:27 long with sound in 1080p resolution…
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Spanking Oliver 6

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Max comes over to say he is sorry for calling Oliver names. He agrees to get spanked, but the punishment won’t stop there…

The Mentor 2

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Mike fantasizes about all the stuff he can do to little Tod while the boy is sleeping in his house exposing his delicate half-naked body…